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Default Re: Belly hurts after a good smoke

I had a nasty experience this weekend, was smoking some af melon in my garden and all of a sudden i started to sweat a lot, felt dizzy and light headed, got a massive headache and then fell over as I went to get up. I had to go and lay down for an hour or so and then shower tobget it out my system. I'm guessing this may have happened for the following reasons:

- I had only had a piece of toast to eat 2 hours before and no fluids
- the abo alabed coals I used weren't fully red and I moved them around a lot on the foil and changed them a few times in first 10-20 mins
- I was taking long drags as it wasn't giving me lots of smoke
- my bowl had been left out overnight so may have been damp even after I dried it
- lack of airtightness on hose? It's an old shisha, will post a pic soon

I think it's mainly the coal thing and big hits myself, I didn't double foil either.

What is the best brand of coal? I've heard the coconara stuff is supposed to be very good. Currently using abo alabed and lighting it on my gas stove

any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated as i want to improve my shisha smoking experience!

Thanks Dudes
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