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Default Re: Where do you buy shisha locally?

For those of you in Northern Virginia, I came across this little gem of a shop last night. It's call Aphrodite Greek Imports. They sell Hookahs and Shisha. They stock mostly Nakhla, but they have a handful of AF also, as well as some Starbuzz. Prices are pretty good. Nakhla is $5.99, AF is $11.99, and Starbuzz is $18.99.

They carry a mix of Mya hookahs and generic Chinese hookahs. After quickly inspecting the generics, they seem to be of a higher quality than normal (i.e., the parts are heavy, they appear to seal well). All that said, the hookah prices are phenomenal. 24" Mya Saray is $75, as opposed to $120 on H-S. I don't know if it comes with the extras or not. Smaller hookahs start at $20. If absolutely nothing else, that's great for someone who wants to try it out but isn't sure they want to sink a couple hundred dollars.

There's also a private upper-deck that has a dozen or so vintage hookahs that aren't publicly for sale because they need some reconditioning (i.e., new bb in purge valve, new grommet, bowl, etc). Most of them look like solid brass egyptian hookahs. Some I suspected were KM, but I couldn't read it. You'll have to ask if you can go up and look at it. If you're looking for something classic or unique, you might get a good deal here.



Shisha stock:

Now, wouldn't it be great if there were an easy place to find local shops like this?
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