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Default Re: Where do you buy shisha locally?

Originally Posted by lilbrummy87 View Post
Id have to agree with the Texas tax's. Its sad to see starbuzz go up even more in price. I actually went checking markets today in the Dallas Texas area and could not find any that carried shisha. The lounges in my area sell Nak for $20 a 250 gram and that is just not worth it to me. Though that is better then $20 for a 100 gram of starbuzz.

Does anyone know any shop is Dallas that sells more then just starbuzz? I need more Nakhla!!!! I found a cigar shop that had hookah hookah but only the 1 bowl type packages.
I have the same problem here in Fort Worth! Every shop either has WAY overpriced Starbuzz or horrible head shop brands like Jewels and Rosetta YUCK!

But I found my relief! Check this place out, all the layalina, Nahkla, Al Fakher, and yes even AFFORDABLE STARBUZZ!!!
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