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Default Re: Acclimating Tangiers

Originally Posted by merchantofmenac View Post
so i tried my first couple of batches of Tangiers after doing all my research on the forums....i let the tobacco sit in my garage exposed to open air for over 24 hours in a "shallow, wide container" as specified on the packaging. Afterwards tried smoking it and it was completely questions is...when acclimating Tangiers do you have to leave it exposed to the air in a WARM environment(like at room termperature)? I left it in my garage and up here in canada is was probably about 2-3 degrees, could that be the reason the tobacco didn't acclimate? the purpose of acclimating to dry out the tobacco?
Glycerine is very hygroscopic; it can absorb up to ~20% of it's own weight in water from moisture in the air. Tangiers is a very low water content tobacco, so humidity changes will effect it's water content. Acclimating is a process to allow it to achieve equilibrium with a new environment.

Are you certain your issues are due to acclimation? Can you describe the problems you are having with it?
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