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Default Re: How Many Hookahs Do You Have / Rate Them

Here's all the hookah's I have owned/ bought & smoked from:
[LIST][*]An ebay "junior" POS. (about 16") Smoked decently the first dozen times and then after less than two months, it rusted through so bad that if you pulled on the hose, you got a mouthful of rust flecks. The only good thing about it is that it came with a mini-mod bowl and a king sized egyptian. (TRASHED)[*]A Candy Stripe Sahara w/ 1 hose. Medium size. (about 20") Smokes pretty decently, but I got one of the weird stems from a batch that the metal finish peels off and the inside of the stem has crystallization issues. The hoses that come with them are not washable. Once I get a new stem (hopefully a Nar), it will be my awesomeness of portability.[*]A KM Al Gia (trimetal with the teardrop base). (about 36") Smokes wonderfully, takes abuse pretty well, but is a pain to clean. The stem is one solid piece and requires a bathtub to clean it. Doesn't travel well as it doesn't break down. All in all, my living room centerpiece of nightly smoking.[*]A crystal Chinese (for my friend). (about 25") Your typical Chinese with fake plastic crystals down the stem. She thought it was pretty and so that's the one she got. Smokes decent, but not that great. As far as I know, no rusting issues, but it doesn't conduct the heat well. The heat from the charcoal will travel about halfway down the stem, making it painful to handle. (GIFT)[/LIST]
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