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Default Re: First KM purchase, what do you guys think?

Hookah-Shisha is probably the biggest online vendor around so you can't go wrong ordering from them. I think they're the first also but don't take my word for that.

Many of the KMs from Hookah-Shisha are the same as KMs from other vendors just named differently. As for that KM, it's just the standard KM Trimetal. It's not really called anything other than "Trimetal". Likewise the double version of it is just called "Double Trimetal".

Here are some other trimetals from H-S you may want to look into if you haven't already. I added the commonly used names for them if you decide to shop around at other vendors. I highly recommend Hookah Company and Hookah John, who also have the OG Trimetal.

Tall Trimetal aka Basha
Atum aka Pharonie (copper stem tube)
Blue Syrian aka Heart of Lion Trimetal
Black Pyramid - a Pharonie with blackened etched copper section

As for maintenance, warm water and a stem brush will do you well for a long time. The brass and copper on the trimetals will oxidize over time or even quicker if wet for long periods of time. You can purchase some Brasso or Nevr-Dull at your local market/hardware store to shine them back up. The stem tubes are now stainless steel on most trimetals with exception of the Pharonie which has a copper stem tube. If you get a copper stem tube model, always clean the stem tube out with a nylon brush prior to smoking as it will develop verdigo (copper carbonate) which is toxic and not good for you if inhaled. Verdigo is the green stuff that forms on copper and brass. I do not recommend using a brass or steel brush for the stem tube.
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