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Default Re: Acclimating Tangiers

Your problems sound more like underpacking than acclimation issues. How does the tobacco smell out of the container after stirred and mixed? If it smells how you would expect it to smell, then it is more than likely not acclimation. A good rule of thumb to go by is "if it smells good, smoke it".

For preparing the bowl, thoroughly mix the hell out of the tobacco and take from all layers when you load a bowl. This is because Tangiers uses oil based flavorings that will separate over time due to different weights. This is also one of the reasons why Tangiers recommends using a shallow wide container, to minimize the separation.

For packing, pack A LOT. Tangiers is less dense than other brands so it needs more in a bowl for the same amount of tobacco. It should be packed very tight, to the point when you squeeze down it, it no longer compresses without only juice coming out. If you ever see the video Hookah John made of Eric packing a bowl, he uses a foil test where he pushes down on the foil with his palm. He is compressing the moassel when he does this. When compressed like that, the foil should be no more than quarter thickness below the top of edges of the phunnel bowl. Put the foil on tight and use a lot of bigger holes. When you are smoking, if you are getting juice out of the top of the foil or your coals start sticking a lot, you are over packed. Don't worry if juice is coming down the sides of the bowl if it is smoking well. It is better to slightly overpack than to underpack.

As for coals, a large tangiers phunnel bowl smokes perfect using 4 Golden Canary easy lite Japanese coals. Cocos burn hotter than those but you can still get away with 4 if you manage the heat well. If you are having trouble with this, try moving down to 3 coals or use 4 halves. If you are still having trouble, try starting off with 1 or 2 coals and then adding them slowly until you get good results. The smoke can sometimes be a little harsh as the bowl is still warming up but it is not unbearable by any means.

The biggest issue I see people have with Tangiers is underpacking, although many will think it's acclimation. It's no surprise the first response from everyone that watches someone pack a bowl down at the Tangiers lounge is along the lines of "I never use that much". People also tend to overheat when underpacking in pursuit of clouds and flavor. Es no bueno.
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