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Default Re: First KM purchase, what do you guys think?

I find it funny that in that picture of the KM "black pyramid" the base and stem don't fit together. A common problem that is easily remedied but comical to me none the less that they chose a picture of a product with a problem.

I second the sentiment that a KM from H-S is going to have the same properties as a KM from another site. They sometimes switch out the bases to make the design a little more individual but other than that it's the same rig with a different name.

I have that particular style of double trimetal and it treat me wonderfully. I believe that the KM you purchased will treat you nicely as well. Make sure to wash the stem out as it can have gunk in it from the machining process. Also be aware that the hose is a leather hose and will not be washable. Though it is a great hose with good draw and great aesthetics.
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