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Default Re: hookah invitation

Originally Posted by Mackmaven View Post
SMS: I'm gonna fire up some (insert flavor here), come over.

Voice: yea so hookah tonight? come on you know you want to... shut up it's not that far... yea i'm hungry too... i dunno pizza?... oh dude there's this place down the way that looks like train I hear they have super good hotdogs... I don't think they'll appreciate us bringing a hookah... I'm not walking down sunset with a full-on hookah, dropping coals on everyone and starting brush fires... fine. if you come over now I'll think about it... no, not really dumbass... get in your car and start driving... k, i'll see you in a half.
ahahhahahahaha nice one, it happens to me too sometimes people are so lazyyyyyy, they dont mind somoking but when it comes to : take the keys, get to the car , , what i usually do when they come over lazyness, i smoke the first coal by myself lol so it pisses them off and next time they come asap
Originally Posted by Jride View Post
I used a garden hose once. I dont recommend it.

But I did have the hookah in the garage and was able to smoke while walking to get the mail
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