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Default Re: What's your worst hookah "party-foul" story?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
Fat chicks. For some reason, they ALWAYS knock the hookah over. There is a "no fat chick within 5 ft." clause now.
Now that i find truly ironic since I am a "fat" chick and the only person that has EVER knocked eather of my hookas over happened to be a girl friend of mine who weighs about 100lbs soaking wet. we were out camping and she decieded to set my mini up on one of the coolers, I got back just in time to watch it blow over, I caught the bottem with one hand but instaid of accually catching the rest i only caught a handfull of hot coals. NOT COOL. RULE#1 NEVER PLACE HOOKA ON STIROFOME IN THE WIND!!!
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