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Default Re: How much sheesha

Thank you for all of your thoughts. What i think im gonna do is just try and educate the staff at the lounge (my girlfriend, her sister, shouldnt be too hard haha) and try and make sure they have a good understanding of how the shit is supposed to be. Then they should be able to ask customers what kind of a smoke they want, just from that i think we will then be able to tell how much to pack, what to pack, ect. I think this will be the best way, after reading your posts, because then we can decide for the smokers who dont know much about hookah but then give the freedom of selection to the more experienced smokers.

The good thing is the lounge isnt overly busy right now so we still have time to experiment. (most of the customers right now go there for the amazing thai food )

Any more tips and insights wold be great.
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