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Default Re: How much sheesha

Originally Posted by Cloud9 View Post
From reading the forums here i can see there are many Lounge owners. What i wanted to know is how much sheesha do you pack in a bowl for your customers?
I have mixed feelings about how much to put because i know some people want to smoke their sheesha for long times but other dont need it to last for longer than 30 minutes.

So any advice on this would be great, Thanks.
I think that you should pack the bowl with the same amount that you would pack for yourself.

Let's say that 3 customers are ordering a bowl of Peach.

Just imagine you and 3 friends are about to smoke, and pack the bowl just like you would pack it for you and your friends.

Honestly, the couple extra grams of tobacco are not going to put a huge dent in your profits, and your customers would be happy.
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