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Default Public Service to save everyone the trouble with SS


Alright guys, I recently ran into a problem with SS that literally left me frustrated and angry. Now, If i am breaking any rules by posting here, I am sorry but I felt this needed to be on here for public service annoucement. There are two parts to this so if it is too long to read just read part two.

sorry if my spelling and grammar is crap right now i am on a rush to work....

Here is what happend I ordered a Nar Stem, a seperate subzero vase, and evolution tea shisha 50g jar of peanut butter. I only received the stem without the charcoal tray and rubber bowl stopper, and as for the shisha it did not come at all. SO I called SS and the lady on the phone told me that if I buy the stem seperately it does not come with a charcoal tray and grommet. However here the description on tthe website:
Comes complete with 1 Rubber Grommet, 1 Rubber Bowl Stopper, 1 Rubber Hose Stopper, Charcoal Tray, and Metal Tongs.

After some arguing, they made me send another email of pictures of the items that is present which is stupid in my opinion because if i am really a liar i can just not take the items i claim are missing and only show them the stuff i said is in there.

Anyhow, i took the pictures, sent the email and going back and forth with emails they finally sent me my package. COMPLETE! And I am still happy and satisfied cuz even though they messed up, I still got my items!


I decided to finally smoke my nar stem, and after ONE use some kind of crap or gunk apears all over the stem, its inside all over and it is disgusting.. I linked the photos below..d Immediately, I washed it over and the next day it appeared again, so I washed it again and it apeared again. Eventually, I realized that it is a problem and defect so I did some research on the forums and internet and found out that i am not the only person wtih the problem and there’s been customers before me that ran into the problem and it is a defect.

Thus, I contacted SS and provided the pictures.

And even after i decribed the situation and that I washed it twice extensively after one use, this is there response:

If you are cleaning the hookah after every use this will not happen to your stem. After cleaning it the residue will come off and eventually it will stop happening.
Let me know if you have any questions

After several back and forth emails and me arguing here their updated response:

I showed your photos to the shipping manager and if you scrub that part of the stem right after each use the gunk will come off.
If you need further assistance let me know.

then finally: I am sorry that this has become an inconvience to you, but we will not be able to give you a replacement, because the gunk should come off after you scrub the area. This will not effect your smoking session in any way at all because that area is were the grommet goes. If you need any assistance let me know.

then they offered me a discount....

now i just want to say first of all i stated many times in my email and in the pictures that the gunk or whatever they call it is all over the hookah and especially all over the stem inside, and i dont see how after explaining it in the email numerous time that they can just ignore it and pretend it is only in the grommet area.

Guys i been smoking for about 6 years now and i practically ordered from every vendor even some banned ones as well and usually nothing happens to a point where i have to vent on a forum. I hate drama and i usually stay out of it but this is just wrong. I cant stand being stuck with a defective product, and after reading some sources from other customers that suffer from this as well I am left thinking they never fix the problem and just continue to sell defects. Before, I only smoke from Mya, KM or certain Syrians exclusively but with the design of the Nar stem i was suckered into buyin from them. Dont make the same mistake! take care guys! thanks!
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