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Default Re: How much sheesha

Originally Posted by DaSebsch View Post
I think that you should pack the bowl with the same amount that you would pack for yourself.

Let's say that 3 customers are ordering a bowl of Peach.

Just imagine you and 3 friends are about to smoke, and pack the bowl just like you would pack it for you and your friends.

Honestly, the couple extra grams of tobacco are not going to put a huge dent in your profits, and your customers would be happy.
well said.

WOW i just converted 20usd into thailand baht... you guys are paying rediculous ammounts for your smoke. Its usually around 5-8 USD for a bowl here in thailand. The thing is most places are shit at maintaining their hookahs and just as bad at service so all flavours taste like smoky apple, if you know what i mean. That generic bad sheesha taste haha.

Keep the feedback coming please. I am also wondering what do you guys usually drink when you visit a lounge? personal preference or something that is a must have alongside your sheesha?
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