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Default Re: How much sheesha

Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
20 bucks a bowl?? Wow thats retarded. Good for them if people pay this. Holy shyte. You are basically paying for a 250g tin, and only getting a bowl of it. Damn that.. lol, actaully now that i think of it, even at 15 bucks a bowl You are still paying for 250g and only getting a bowl.

I am never going to a hookah lounge....
If they're running successfully, it's a mark of a well run business. If people keep coming back, they must see it as worth their money.

I smoked in a lounge up in NY. We spent $24 on a bowl. At first I was taken aback because, frankly, I could pack like 50 bowls for that much money. But by the time we left, I wasn't disappointed in the least. Between the atmosphere, the servers, the pipes, the flavor and the longevity of it all, I perceived it as plenty worth my money.

It's really all about value. Just think about Apple computers. They're expensive. I probably paid twice as much as a lot of people for my computer. However, they've managed to pack a tremendous amount of value into their product that would appear in many ways similar to their competitors. Yet there isn't a fibre in me that regrets the purchase.

I don't think a successful hookah lounge is much different. $15 for a bowl. $30 for a bowl. Increase the value in the customer's mind and the number becomes somewhat irrelevant.

PS- Sorry for the divergence from the topic at hand.
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