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Default Re: How much sheesha

Originally Posted by Cloud9 View Post
Not really irrelevant. What you said is what i said to my girlfriend, its all about the mood.
So far we have a nice set up, warm colours, i gave a large collection of good latin & french lounge music. Which for me are some of the most important things. We have a couple of nice, big couches so people in groups can chill there and smoke. All in all the lounge looks quite good but i still think there is something missing.

I am going to charge 200B per bowl which is around 6 bucks. Its the norm for phuket and i dont think we need to put the price lower than anyone else because we have the USP of being a chilled out atmosphere with a nice restaurant. Most of the hookah spots here only serve arab food.
It would seem to me that if you're delivering a superior product to your customers, you should be bold and charge more than your competitors. There's a lot of psychology that goes into pricing and a great deal of perceived value is made in how much you charge.

I'm a wedding photographer. When I started out, I learned pretty quick that charging less actually hurt my business. Once I started charging a little more than the next guy, I actually ended up getting MORE business. It was all about what the pricing did to the value of my product in people's minds.

Seems to me you could probably add 10% to what you're charging, provided what you're delivering really is ahead of the competition.
This is my:
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