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Default Re: Public Service to save everyone the trouble with SS

This is definitely disappointing. I had the exact same problem (white crystal looking crap, right?) with my old SS stem, and was told/ thought it was a bad batch issue. I was looking into getting a Nar stem to replace said icky stem, but if they're having the same issues, forget it.

Over the months of dealing with it, I've learned that the best way to "get around it" is to wash/ scrub the hookah just before using and dry it out as completely as possible before smoking. Granted, the crystals just come back, but they don't come back until after you finished smoking.

Read this and check out the SS response in Trival's post at the bottom of page 1. Sounds really familiar, eh?

As for the missing pieces of the order and the customer service issues, I have not run into that. Last time I had an issue with them, the SS hookah in question was sent without a hose. All I did was call them up, tell them I had just received my package and there was things missing. They asked what, confirmed that it was on the order sheet, and mailed it out the next day free of charge.

Hope it works out for you. (And just FYI, you tend to get better responses from phone calls than email. You can't ignore somebody on the other end of a phone line as easily. )
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