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Originally Posted by Jeffrey2132 View Post
That's awesome! I live near a rich suburb of Dallas and one time my bank couldn't put an "Out of Order" sign on the ATM because the town wouldn't let them so one day I tried to withdraw $400 and it didn't give me money. I went inside everyday saying I wanted my money returned to my account. The manager made me file a complaint and the corporate bank said that they would have an answer as to whether they would refund me or not in 4 - 6 months. The manager thought that was just as ridiculous as I did and called some people, pulled some strings, and got the $400 back in my account. 4 months later, I had another $400 in my account from the complaint I had filed I didn't necessarily win in, I'm not that lucky. Wish I had your luck. Congratulations!
thats luck lol
With those happy thoughts, in my head, I'm feeling like I'm peter pan... Minus the tights and the fairies....
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