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Default Re: SMALL PHUNNEL BOWL!! - Ebay Special.

Originally Posted by Mfoehrkolb View Post
--- Haha, you seem to be really brand loyal.(not a bad thing) If it's what i want, and it works... why not use it? Just cause it's chinese, if it works the same... isn't that good enough?

I could either be falling into a bad buy or a potential good buy. 10g... isn't that much of a difference, but it is a difference.

Tangiers small bowl - "Holds 40 to 50 grams of shisha"

So that 10g that you speak of is more like... 20g or more.
Well I hope it is similar in function. The best things about the Tangiers funnel are the ratio of the heights of the walls and the center spire so that the foil does not easily get stuck in the spire, and the heat capacity of the material which is a very interesting and thick clay that retains heat but does not scorch everything by keeping the heat in one place. The heat gets distributed nicely through out the bowl.

Oh ya. Also we know that the glazes used on a Tangiers funnel are safe. I am not implying that the knock offs are not safe but we really don't know and there have been issue with lead glazes in the past on off brand products that are not artisan made.

Best of luck to you. I hope it turns out well.
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