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Hey im sorry if what i am asking is overly redundant and over asked but i need some help and fast!

I have nargile pipe from turkey (full sized with a clay bowl) and ive been having very little luck getting a proper session.

Ive been using it on a small basis and with the tobacco i bought there....
I was getting no flavor what soever from the tobacco be it nakhla strawberry or apple... the only thing i could taste was a chemically taste from the instant coals i i bought a 50g pack of Al Waha Peach and tried it and got some taste from it and a very chemical taste again. I need some help by tomorrow so any and all comments are appreciated.

to help this is how ive set up every session.

I take the tobacco and stir then break it up a bit.
I pack it loosely into the bowl but up to just below the rim.
I use plain cool water out of the tap and to the right amount...
All the seals are good and the pipe pulls like it should
I use two instant light coals 4cm full and place them at two ends so that they hang over the sides a bit...

I dont know if i am packing the bowl too loosely or if i have crappy coals or if im using too much heat (probably no cus. it never gets harsh) or what
so please help me
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