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how far is your stem into the water? try making the stem so it is only 1 inch in the water and adding a bit more tobacco.

If you check my pics in the forum somewhere, you will see I probably have the same Nargile as you and my mate also has one from Turkey, which is bigger than mine.

Last summer i was getting great sessions going, with huge clouds, i was using normal charcoal at the time (from instant light bags you would use for a bbq) and it was awsome.

My hose is now bolloxed, the stem is damaged where the hose goes in, so my sessions are now crap an am looking to invest in a Khalil Pipe very soon.

I would try a different coal (my experience with the instant light discs are that they ruin the taste and make it harsh as they are placed in the middle of the foil), maybe some coconara or japanese coals?

Anyway, that's just my little input, let me know if any of it helps!
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