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Default Well this sucks!

My Narbish won't get clean. In the past 4 days, this is what I have tried:

- Close to Boiling Water/Baking Soda/Lemon Juice Mix, washed through the hose multiple times.
- The above mix left sitting in the hose for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hours and then overnight. Tried em all.
- Cheap Vodka
- Rubbing Alcohol/Baking Soda
- Mr. Clean Ammonia cleaner
- Mr. Clean/Baking Soda
- Baking Soda

My hose tastes like Mint/7 Spice/Root Beer/1001 Nights/Chocolate Cherry mix. It's bad, and everything I smoke tastes like it has a cardamom spice.

Any solutions? I'm desperate. My 3 year old Mya hoses have 0 ghost flavors and have never been washed.
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