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Originally Posted by Ukshishafan View Post

Last summer i was getting great sessions going, with huge clouds, i was using normal charcoal at the time (from instant light bags you would use for a bbq) and it was awsome.
I dont think this is very safe coals like that produce excess carbon monoxide so i hear, plus the chemicals from the instant light aspect dont sound to healthy although the same can be said for hookah specific quicklights...
I trust my cocos to give my sessions the best clean heat

as for your sessions bigglesworth, I think one QL coal will suffice, 2 sounds like a bit much for a normal sized egyptian bowl, even if both are hanging off the edge
QL's tend to burn much hotter in my experience, since the coal is muc more compacted compared to other coals
and like others have said make sure the coals have ashed completely over, even though youll still get a slight taste from QLs, it will def help with your problem
best of luck!
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