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Default Re: How do you pronounce that?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
The middle eastern fellas who hookah with me now always call my hookah "al fahhk'r" , which i was told by one of them means like glorious or regal or something I'll have to ask.
thats about right, but more on the line of like elegant and exquisite, like high class. basically supposed to be the "higher class tobacco"

as for the kh, man its easier to say than it is to roll r's, there are a lot of sounds you actually make as a child that you forget how to later in life and some of these sounds actually exist in other languages.

like when you here a baby say ga-ga, its really more of a gurgling g, thats the sound you make if you ever see an arabic word w/ gh in it...that french r...anyhow, i think ill do it either tonight or tomorrow.

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