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Default Re: How do you pronounce that?

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
how about narghile or moassel?

It's always kind of funny. Because it seems that overseas they call the pipe itself shisha. So, if I call up a shop looking for something and say 'shisha' they get the wrong idea. I have to say 'hookah tobacco' or 'shisha tobacco', but if they don't speak english well, it's virtually impossible to get the question across.
Well us people of the great northern lands, we pronounce it:

Narghile = Naar gi lay
Moassel = Mussel

Another difference we have is that when we smoke a hookah let's say, we simply say: Let's smoke a shisha instead...i think it is French from France along with Narguile because i've heard the saying before: Fumons la shisha!
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