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Default Re: How do you pronounce that?

Originally Posted by Abyss_ View Post
Well us people of the great northern lands, we pronounce it:

Narghile = Naar gi lay
Moassel = Mussel

Another difference we have is that when we smoke a hookah let's say, we simply say: Let's smoke a shisha instead...i think it is French from France along with Narguile because i've heard the saying before: Fumons la shisha!
you guys are using shisha more appropriately, it means glass originally but it refers to the hookah itself. I think the use of shisha as tobacco in the US derived from people truncating shisha tobacco to just shisha.

as for moassal, the letter you need to say is a very glottal letter called ayn "ع" and well, i or someone will need to make this audible to explain it best. but for now, imagine Schwarzenegger saying "aaaa" lol.

edit: im thinking tomorrow on the vid now, my voice should be good then

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