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Default Re: nahlah too hard, starbuzz too soft

Originally Posted by JiX' View Post
right now im smoking starbuzz and naklah outta my km. the problem im facing is that both have there plus's and minus's for me. the naklah hits me too hard and the starbuzz doesn't hit me hard enough. secondly the naklah's flavor just isn't what im looking for. im someone that really appreciates flavor and i love the sweet taste of my citrus mist. i just need something that has the same amount of sweetness/flavor of the starbuzz with a bit more nico. does anyone have a good recommendation for a shisha that could work better for me? thanks
I suppose that is tough since I don't smoke much of anything that is sweet. Anything that is heavily washed (just about everything on the market save DM, Nakhla, AZ & Tangiers) won't have much nicotine at all. I suppose that i'd suggest something like Salloum that still has a bit of tobacco character and natural fruit flavours rather then candy like flavours.
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