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Default Re: restricted pulls=more flavor...

Yes.. and no.

There's arguments both ways.

Tight pulls pull the smoke slowly, and you must pull the smoke for a longer period on each drag. One could say that the smoke moving slower over your palate would directly relate to a delicious taste because your tongue and palate have more time to absorb the flavors.

Loose pulls can be said to relate to more flavor because of how hot the coals burn, and how fast you pull the smoke, and how fast you pull larger volumes of smoke. Some say that the open pull from the hose will pull more o2 over the coals and through the tobacco, creating more heat and leading to more flavor.

To me, I taste most of the flavor on the exhale. This is true with cigars and pipes as well - I can taste the flavor of the smoke on the inhale, but it's after I'm done inhaling and I start the exhale where the flavor explodes.

I bet both these theories are relevant and applicable, but it just comes down to if you prefer a tighter pull or a more open pull.
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