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Default Re: How to dull the flavor?

Originally Posted by JiX' View Post
i kinda know what u mean bpetruzzo. its exactly what my roommate was saying when we were smoking the naklahs sweet melon the other night. he liked it being less sweet and liked the extra nico. its the polar opposite for me i love sweet and im still on the fence over whether i like that much nico in my shisha or not. but the more sweet the better

recommend airing out the shisha though if u want to get a more suitable flavor. make sure its ventilated in an open area though away from anything that could tamper with the original flavor (food, room oders, etc) and somewhere where your roommates/pets can't get to it. lost alot of tobacco that way
Yeah, I mean I generally like the flavor of tobacco itself. So, when it comes shisha, I'm drawn to more bitter flavors. Coffee, cinnamon, vanilla, pistachio, rose, etc. But I like the taste of the fruitier flavors, I just wish they were more subtle.

Sometimes I'll let a set of coals sit on top of the bowl until they've burned through 30-ish% and by this time the flavor has normally dulled a bit. But I hate wasting the coals!
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