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Default Re: starbuzz tins

i have a couple 50g tins and a couple 250s. i reuse them to hold shisha. normally if i get the same flavor i try to match it with the right tin. if its like nahkla or some other brand that i don't want tampering the flavor i just let it sit out (the tins) for awhile and use a moist cloth to clean it and fully dry it. never had a problem with rust and the smell should be nearly gone. i guess if u r really picky on it removing flavor u can try to use a touch of lemon juice or something light and wipe it out and again let it sit and u should be fine.

the tins seem like nice little storage dishes if u have coins or whatever else since metal doesn't degrade. but i can see where if you have a whole closet of tins that could be a problem lol. sorry if my suggestions aren't as creative... im too practical minded need to get in touch with my art side i suppose haha.
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