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Default Re: Too much shisha?

Originally Posted by Ukshishafan View Post
I've heard that after foiling up and before the pokeage of holes, you can hold the bowl in your hand and it back and forth in a downward motion to get some of the juice to touch the top of the foil so it lights easier? Was my friend talking bullcrap?

Also, is there any major difference to double foiling your bowl?
Having the juice or even some tobacco touching the foil will make heat transfer better but as others have said it is riskier to over heat and burn the tobacco.

Doubling of foil or using HD reduces the heat transfer from coals to the tobacco. It adds strength to the foil obviously and will change heat management. Personally if you can get good smoke using a single layer of regular foil, there is no benefit really to doubling or changing. I still prefer a single layer of Reynolds for all bowls and tobacco I use.
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