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Default Re: Hookah and the College Campus (and Arkansas it seems)

wouldn't know about smoking laws in arkansas. but i live in california. (also a college student at cal poly state at san luis obispo) and i haven't personally gotten in trouble with hookah or shisha when i was on campus (not a normal smoke spot for me though lol). but my first year when i was in the dorms my good buddy decided to light up outside the dorm with his roommate and only had a tobacco pack'd bowl (also was past the required 20ft fire hazard line) and got caught by a RA and got his hookah confiscated. i talked to him after and apparently after he talked to his CSD was told that a hookah is considered "paraphernalia... and drugs could be smoke'd out of it" so he was forced to write a 5 page paper and was put on probation on his housing report.

my guess is the security guard thought 1 of 2 things (unless arkansas has some strange law against operating a hookah? lol). he was either completely retarded and thought it was some other type of water pipe. or secondly he considered it paraphernalia and only considered u smoking drugs out of it. but didn't consider u could be what is more logical. smoking shisha. gotta love naive security guards... lol

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