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A lot of times, this depends upon which brand shisha you're using. Some shisha's will only give you light or medium smoke (ie. Al-Amir and Al Fakher). While others will give you huge thick clouds of smoke like Starbuzz. Also, I usually play around with the windcover to apply more heat. This can increase the thickness of the smoke very efficiently. You have to be careful though, because if you leave on the wind cover for too long, it can burn the shisha.

Also, maybe you just might need to add more coal. Depending upon what size bowl you have will determine how many pieces of coals you need to get thick smoke. Most small bowls only require one 30mm quick light coal. While others require two, or even the bigger 40mm quick light coal. If you use Natural coals (ie. Exotica) then you're gonna have to play around with the size of the pieces that you cut and find out what works best.
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