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Default Re: Hookah and the College Campus (and Arkansas it seems)

I am glad that I have not yet been approached by a police officer yet. I actually used to set up in the most obvious places, like on the grass next to one of the busiest streets, in the middle of the educational mall ect.. But, unfortunately, I have almost completely stopped smoking hookah....I hate it, I really do. But at school, it is too hard to smoke. I cant keep it in my dorm so if I want to smoke I have to walk down 3 flights of stairs, walk 1/4mi each way to my car and back....and then hope i dont forget anything, not to mention my brass hookah got tons of corrosion because i couldnt clean it daily. I got fed up and left it back at home, I feel much better about it because I feel as if I am not abusing "her". But tonight is my first night home after quite some time, Im gonna smoke it up for all of you guys and hookahpro!
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