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Default Re: Are you addicted?

Nope, no addictions. Ive smoked hookah daily for almost 1 year. This semester, I have only smoked 2-3 times. No withdrawals. However...Nicotine is another story. I found that since I was not smoking much anymore, all of my other "once in a while" tobacco habits grew. That included cigars, dip, and snus. However, I realized this quickly and have temporarily switched to just snus. But I wouldnt go as far to say that im addicted. I would say that I just like the buzz. Nicotine helps me focus, regardless if im smoking a pack a day or havent had one in a year. Sometimes I just need to focus in school. I guess it sounds like Im using school as a scapegoat, but really, I could drop nicotine in a second with ease if i really wanted to.
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