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Default Look what I got, and it's leaning!

I just got a new hookah. It's a 40" solid brass syrian hookah of some kind or so the guy at my local shop explained. I picked it up used. The guys at the shop were pining over it. It's hard to see in the picture, but there are extremely intricate designs etched all over the stem, which alone weighs easily 6 - 7 pounds. It smokes like a freakin' dream! But, best of all, it was only $40.

The base it came with was cracked pretty badly, so I picked up another one from a local shop. Trouble is, the glass is uneven at the top and the thing leans like no other.

I'm wondering if there's a simple fix to the leaning problem or should I just head back and try and get a different base. Or, maybe I should just store this baby away until a base worth of the stem emerges.

What do you think?
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