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Originally Posted by foibled View Post
The AF solids are nickel and gold plated. You can polish them if you want but be careful as the plating layer is very thin. You'll know if you're wearing the gold too thin if you can start to see the nickel layer underneath. The nickel portions will turn dullish white if you wear them too thin.

The stem tube and hose port fitting are brass while the internal tubes can either be copper or brass. Running warm/hot water through them and cleaning with a nylon or bristle brush is sufficient for daily cleaning. For deeper cleaning to get rid of smells/ghosting, try lemon juice and baking soda. I don't recommend doing this on a regular basis or using metal brushes (ie. brass or stainless) because it strips away the oxidation layer that forms on the brass/copper. It is that oxidation layer that keeps the brass/copper from oxidizing even further so continuously stripping it away will wear away at the base metal over time.

Also, the AF solids are composed of threaded stem sections with a stem tube running down the center of them. The threaded sections are not soldered together like other solid Syrian/Egyptians; they are held in place by solder joints at the top of the stem where the bowl tip threads on and at the bottom of the shank. I do not recommend keeping running water running on the outside of the stem or submerging it because those threaded areas are not water tight and you can get water/moisture trapped in the heart.
Very nice piece of advice, thanks for that
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