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Default Re: can smoke shops plz get more variety?

Originally Posted by Sui View Post
Not sure what the problem is, they seem to be like every other modern smoke shop on this planet. Modern as in its a smoke shop, smoke shops mainly carry everything from a-z in a modern smoker's arsenal, be it vaporizors, bob marly Tees, detox, and yes even the traditional classic cigar/pipe tobaccos.

I think pointing it out as a negative connotation for the forum's well-being is quite ignorant, double the fact that in this post it is in reference to shisha tobacco.
I guess you never actually read the post about why we don't mention such things. I would hope that you have but it's evident to the contrary.

If you go to the site there is one product that is available to browse. It's a product that even the name of is banned from posting on this site. That should tell you something. If you are not allowed to link to sites selling such things why should it be acceptable to post about them at all? There is nothing ignorant about making sure we are not mistaken for a community that supports such things?

Have you looked at the public ban announcement thread? Look at the reasons. Notice a trend? Look familiar?

I go to lots of smoke shops of varying types. I have no issues avoiding those kind of shops. All of those around me are true smoke shops rather than ones focusing on illegal substances. I don't go to them because to do so would associate me with the illegal activities they promote. The exact same reason we don't discuss such things on the forums.
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