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Default Re: did my shisha ferment?

Originally Posted by thefaded View Post
I'm not sure it's possible for shisha to ferment, frankly. It's made with Molasses, which would take AGES to go bad.. might crystallize if it's too cold but that's about it. The tobacco is coated enough with the molasses not to be exposed to the elements enough to ferment.
Molasses can actually ferment quite readily. If the water content gets higher than like 17% it will start to ferment if wild yeast takes hold.

Dee, acclimation in the actual definition means to reach a balance with some outside influence. When you heat something it's becoming acclimated to the increased temperature and when you remove the heat source it acclimates to the ambient air.

What I meant was that the molasses absorbed moisture from the air because it was a more humid environment that it had once been in. This would cause a change in the consistency of the liquid. More water mean "wetter" and less sticky.
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