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Default Re: can smoke shops plz get more variety?

Yeah, I know what you guys mean. I wish someone would have the gumption to open up an all hookah store, but the fact of the matter is in KC, not a lot of people smoke hookah regularly. Sure, they'll go out to bars once in a while, but when it comes to the premium tobaccos and accessories, it's just not profitable.

Here's a story I think a few have heard:

I walked into my normal shop (Main St. Tobacco), which carries massive amounts of hookah stuff with some glass on the side. The guy I usually talk to considers his knowledge of hookah to be vast. Well, he's wrong. I asked about Nakhla. He said it was crappy, no flavor and that he would never carry it. I asked about Tangiers. He said he had 1 flavor and that it was BBQ. I asked about Funnels, he said that he had used the Havana ones and they suck and he will never use any other bowl than his three headed bowl. I asked his favorite brand of shisha: AFZAL. I asked about vortex bowls, he said he had never heard of them. He said that Egyptian hookahs were the worst hookahs made because they were shoddy welds and they never smoked well. He said his prize hookah is a Mya Obelisk. by now, I'm about to throttle him, when he offers to smoke some Desi Murli with me. All was forgiven through that 1 hour we sat in the front window and smoked. I really don't care for that shop just because of the fact that they are all cigarette snobs, not hookah connoisseurs.

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