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Default Re: did my shisha ferment?

Originally Posted by Sui View Post
Tehee, different species of yeast I am afraid. I'm a baker all my yeast is for bread, I have 2 mother sourdough starters one from Floridian wild yeast (2 yrs old) and one from here with wild texan yeast ( still a baby) The rest of my starter is grape founded and my poolishes are all from commercial cultures. I think it would be fun to get some brewers yeast though and see if I can bake with it. Only problem with brewers yeast is it dies quickly and might not be strong enough to kick in my breads.
Actually Basic fleischmans is almost identical in strain to Lavlin EC-1118 which is a nice and strong wine yeast. There are some flavor differences that are more apparent in brewing then in baking so a good wine yeast should be strong enough for you. If you try let me know how it works out. I would be tempted to culture the wine yeast and add it as part of the liquid for the recipe so that it was evenly incorporated and well innoculated.
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