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Default Re: UPS or FedEx?

UPS is the worst shipping company ever!! They totally screw me over everytime I order something making me play some retarded endless games of phone tag with their customer service... all because I live in a "high risk area." Which isn't even that high risk... Either way if I say LEAVE MY PACKAGE 8 times... you would think they would just leave it but no.... And they refuse to tell us the exact time they are coming... or call my cell so I can come get the package cause I live in a complex with a slumlord who refused to fix my buzzer... They also asked me to walk 10 miles to the UPS place they sent my undelivered package too when I explained there was a UPS down the street from me... And refused to send it there... And one of the customer service ladies cursed at me before hanging up on me...

FedEx on the other hand was awesome... They just called my cell and I came down got my stuff simple as that... Although the driver did call me an "idiot" for signing to leave a $350 package on my door step unattended... hahha... Either way I vote FedEx...
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