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Originally Posted by mrMojoRisin
I was trying to do some of my own research on this, but I can't seem to find anything.

So I ask you, my hookah-loving friends. I was just wondering about the legality of smoking hookah in public in California. Can I smoke it at the beach? Can I smoke it between classes at college, like people do with cigarettes? Can i smoke it in the park? Outside a local coffee joint? Etc.

Any input would be great.
I'm not sure about California, but here in texas I've smoked at the beach, at the park, at my apartment pool area, and even in my car on campus and no ones questioned the legality of it. Once however at the pool a police officer that lives there stood over my shoulder watching (i'm sure it was to smell the smoke). Its totally a matter of whether or not you want people to look at you funny. That I get a lot!
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