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Question Nakhla - is this Genuine or Fake ?

Hello, please help me to find out whether is the tobacco i bought original nakhla tobacco, or is it some crappy fake.
Firstly, i have to say, that my tobacco was bought in Egypt. I bought it during my holiday there. It was quite cheap, about 50 cents for one 50gram box. I was at various locations (about 6 or 7) and every offered me for this price and every box was packed the same.

Ok, so how does the package looks like ? I am describing Peach flavour.
[LIST=1][*]layer - normal orange box, with some picture of peaches, nakhla logo, text sayin "peach flavour", some arabian text[*]inside the box - hard hermetically closed plastic, with white text texture, saying "nakhla tobacco"[*]a bit softer plastic (it's not kitchen foild - it's harder then, but softer then the upper)[*]tobacco[/LIST]Okay, and my reason of thinking, why is it fake ? There's no celofain on the top of the box, like on cigarettes, neither red strip, to put down it easily. Some friends said me, that's because, it's not export tobacco, but egyptian for egypt (not to be put abroad). But anyway, all other nakhla i had was packed differently. (Foil - Box - Hard Foil with picture of flavour - Foil - Tobacco).

I can't determine it by taste, cause i am kind of hookah beginner and haven't smoked so much yet.
I will add detailed photos later, but my camera is out of batteries, so plz be patient, and thanx for help.
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