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Default Re: did my shisha ferment?

Originally Posted by Sui View Post
Hmm I didnt know that I wonder if the cultures are the same in their dry and commercial, only difference I can think of is processing and refrigeration. I know that commercial blocks are pretty much pure live yeast, whereas dry is mostly dead yeast with a few live ones feasting on their dead buddies lol
Not true at all. A single packet of Active dry yeast for brewing contains around 150 billions living cells.

It is true that block is mostly alive. If you really want to inoculate something you can go with active liquid culture. Or you could even go so far as to use a smack pack that includes active liquid and yeast energizer/nutrients. Starts fermentation in a matter of minutes. But then you may be spending somewhere around 10 buck per loaf lol. Yay for home culturing.

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