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Default Re: VOTE NO ON THE PACT ACT! everyone needs to sign this pettion!!!

These restrictions are coming faster and are more broad sweeping then anything I had anticipated so at this point I really think that prohibition or something pretty close is on the way. Looking back at all the stupid hope/change twaddle during the election I see I was wrong to view Obama as a mocha Bush since he's proven to be worse then I had ever predicted.

I really fell badly for the countless family owned businesses that will killed off legislation like this and the corresponding drop in tax revenues won't help the lousy American economy either.
Also, i'd have to say that banning legal businesses from internet and mail order venues is something that will easily be applied to any other politically unpopular business in the name of "saving the children" since this stuff never stops once it gets going.

God I am glad I don't live the states any more but I feel sympathy for my friends in the U.S.A.
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