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Default Re: Happy Valentine's day ladies of Hookah Pro

I had an ok valentines day. I got off work at 6:00 am, went to cvs and BS'd for a while. Then I had to stay up to see a realtor about a house we can't afford and was a major dump anyways (TOTAL waste of time). Went to gamestop, they were closed, so I couldn't preorder lost (Jb's valentines day gift) *ugh*

Then I had to stay up until 10:00 to see jb off to work since That would be the only time we were together on valentines day. Then I went to sleep. Woke up with JB jumping onto the bed waking me up to go to work.

Spend 45 minutes with jb, he gives me a gift card to cvs and 2 cards (CVS is a hobby of mine lol) Then I go to work, where I will be until 6:00 am - then I have to stay up to 12:00 am tomorrow- Due to another stupid Dr's appointment UGH.

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