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Default Stirring the *** - MYA help

Ok, this is will probably be a heated thread, but it's now come time that I get a MYA - BUT - I want one of the smaller ones, I don't need a huge towering rig as I've got 4 already & are ordering a KM & MZ shortly.

Reason I want a MYA: I want the ability to say that I've tried one first hand. I plan on doing a full compairsion against all the other brands I have.... I want to know how they really stand up against the others. And.... I want a Pink Hookah (Stop Laughing!)

I've narrowed down my choices to (probably) a MYA QT or a Bambino...

Here's what I am asking for:

Users / Owners of either of those rigs, please tell me honesty how you like/dislike them.

If others have a different small MYA, please state which ones and why the Like/dislike.

IF anybody starts posting things like, "MYA's suck, buy this XXX" - it will be deleted! Also, no "MYA ROCKS" type posts either.
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