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Default Powerful Razan Solution?

hi guysss so now im looking for some handy tips to wash out my razan hose.....not saying i dont wash it ( ive had it since september and i ve washed it well a couple of times) but a problem has come up which i cant seem to counter well....
heres the PROBLEM:
when i pull from my razan hose (after i washed it) i feel a dull non flavour taste as if i was smoking some not quite but nearly burnt tobbacco

so when i loaded up new bowls i continually got this flavour which didnt go away
so i washed it

using both warm water and rinsing it and letting it dry AND using the bicarbonate soda and lemon juice mixture, rinsing it and letting it dry (as well as the mouthpiece)

so im basically asking a new cleaning homemade solution for a dull tasting razan hose....
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