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Default Question on Tangiers and Flavor

When i smoke naklah or starbuzz, or AF. I taste the flavor of whatever it is supposed to be. Well with the exception of starbuzzz sour apple, yuck..

When i smoke tangiers, all i taste is a sour fruit loop flavor. Is there something wrong here? Is it the aclamation thing? My buddy is the one that always brings the tangiers around, and every flavor tastes the same. It just tastes sour. He brought cashmir apple over the other night, and it prompted me to ask this, cause i am baffled as to what the hell is going on with the tangiers tobacco.

I have been thinking about buying some different tangiers flavors, but if they all just taste sour and no other flavors, then i am going to stick with naklah where it actaully tastes like it is supposed to.
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